Welcome to Sky Blue Bakery

Call it serendipity; being in the right place at the right time.

Creating healthy foods and filling a need for nutritious products for school districts across the country – this was the goal of the original founder of Sky Blue Foods. It started with a vision in the 1980’s of creating a solution for school snacks through the use of surplus commodity programs, and in the process the realization came that a need was being filled, which later led to developing Sky Blue Foods.

Introducing a lineup of nutritious 51-100% whole wheat, low sugar, low fat, breakfast and lunch products that appealed to students with parent and school board approval, was a recipe for success. In 2010 the company was sold to a family owned and operated bakery manufacturer with a national presence called Sky Blue Foods, located in Western Massachusetts. We continue to produce and expand the Sky Blue Foods line of products and satisfy the needs of our customers with innovative, nutritional, great tasting new offerings that meet, and often exceed, the changing national nutritional guidelines.

As a result of our exceptional customer service and outstanding product development staff we have the ability to react quickly to current food trends, always providing food that students enjoy, in a nutritious format.

All of our products are individually wrapped and designed to be classroom friendly, no mess foods that school faculty and staff love.