Janis Penner SkyBlue Foods National Sales Manager

Janis Penner

Sky Blue Foods National Sales Manager
Phone: 949.829.1878
Email: jpenner@skybluefoods.com

Welcome to Sky Blue Bakery, where serendipity meets purpose.

In the bustling chaos of the 1980s, our founder stumbled upon the perfect intersection of opportunity and necessity. Recognizing a gap in providing wholesome, nutritious options for school districts nationwide, Sky Blue Bakery was born out of a visionary quest to transform surplus commodity programs into delicious solutions.

From its humble beginnings, our bakery has blossomed into a beacon of health-conscious innovation, dedicated to crafting delectable treats that satisfy cravings and nourish young minds and bodies. Today, we proudly continue our mission to redefine school snacks, one nutritious bite at a time. Welcome to the revolution of flavor and wellness.

Welcome to Sky Blue Bakery.


9 AM-5 PM


 309A Andover Street
Stree Lawrence, MA 01843